America's Digital Schools 2008 Report

America’s Digital Schools 2008 is an authoritative, wide ranging research study which clearly illustrates where future education technology trends are headed. This comprehensive, 152 page report is a must-have for any school or school district that needs to make well-informed, smart technology decisions.

In its Key Findings, you’ll learn about The Six Trends to Watch and the implications of these trends on schools, teachers, administrators, and students. Each chapter is full of colorful, easy-to-read charts and data including carefully drawn findings with implications for educators and the education industry.

Six Important Trends to Watch:

  • Large-Scale 1:1 Implementations Are Alive and Well
  • Learning Management Systems Go Mainstream
  • Online Assessment Is Replacing the No. 2 Pencil
  • The Student Computing “Race to Mobility” Accelerates
  • Interactive Whiteboards Come Into Their Own
  • Awareness of the Internet Bandwidth Crisis Reveals New Concerns

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